by Adam Rapp

directed by Rob Ruggiero
& Pedro Bermúdez

APRIL 11 – APRIL 30, ’21

TRAILER Directed and Produced by REVISIONIST FILMS

This quiet, unpredictable play explores the limits of what one person can ask of another. In this intensely intimate and haunting story, a creative writing professor encounters a brilliant and mysterious student. As their relationship intensifies and their lives become entwined, one will ask the other for the unforgivable.

Produced in partnership with Revisionist Films, this is a production born of a collaboration between Rob Ruggiero, a theater maker, and Hartford filmmaker Pedro Bermúdez with the intent to explore and define new boundaries between theater and film.

Pedro said. “It’s one camera, one shot at a time…we looked at building this world moment by moment – so the the camera itself had to become the audience in a very active way.

Rob added “You can feel so clearly what the actors are experiencing, it amplifies the world of the play – it’s an intimate experience that begins to approach the experience you have in our space in really exciting ways.”


Ephraim Birney

Christopher Dunn

Maggie Bofill

Bella Baird

Adam Rapp


Rob Ruggiero


Pedro Bermúdez


Lawrence E. Moten III

Set Design

Alejo Vietti

Costume Design

Amith Chandrashaker

Lighting Design

Billy Bovona

Original Music Composed and Performed

Pedro Bermúdez/
Revisionist Films

Video Production/Editing

Matt Berky/Massive Productions, Inc.

Audio Mix/Mastering

JZ Casting/Geoff Josselson, CSA/Katja Zarolinski, CSA 


June Terry

ASL Consultant

MarySue Owens

ASL Interpreter

Julie Pond

ASL Interpreter

Cassandra Saulski 

ASL Video Editor

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