Not Pictured
Jeff Griffin  Managing Director
Katherine Plutnicki   Director of Marketing & Communications
Linda Shewokis  Audience Services Manager
Kelly Daigneault 
Scenic Charge / Props Manager
Joël Cintron 
Social Media  IG

Cecelia Chapman
Company Manager/Costume Supervisor

Kate J. Cudworth
Producing Associate

Josh Demers
Audience Boss

Mike Lenaghan
Director of Production

Bill Farquhar
Facilities Manager

Freddie McInerney
Marketing and Communications

Nicole Laflair Nieves
General Manager

Rob Ruggiero
Artistic Director

Dina Silva
Director of Development

Erica Tracy Sullivan
Development and Community Engagement Associate

Sasha Wahl
House Electrician

David Weaver
Assistant Technical Director

Not Pictured:
Justis Bolding
Kim Harrison
Françoise Miller
Joshua Torrance

Michael G. Albano

Jennifer DiBella
Assistant Secretary

Fernando Ferro

Grace Figueredo

Christopher R. Hayes

Gordon Hui

Stephanie A. Johnson

Lee Kuckro

Felix Okwaning

Kristen Phillips
Vice President

Dina Plapler

Robert Pulito

Larry Samplatsky

Chris White

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