We create and share stories that can change our world.

TheaterWorks Now is TheaterWorks Hartford – more than 30+ years of producing award winning theater, rebranded and embracing the city we call home.

And along the way, undergoing a huge renovation of our historic theater. Investing nearly 6 million dollars to create a ‘state of the art’ performance space with an experience that is as intimate as ever.

The pandemic changed us all, but at TWH, we found a way forward. We went virtual and welcomed audience from around the globe. We went outside to the Riverfront and brought the community together. We welcomed 100+ creatives – storytellers – to produce theater at a time when we needed them most.

It’s been a wild ride but we’re together, again – sharing stories that can change our world.

We’re sharing stories that can change our world.

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Monday – Friday
12:00pm – 5:00pm

233 Pearl Street
Hartford, CT 06103

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