by Christopher Demos-Brown
Oct 18 — Nov 23, 2019
Listing Page_ American Son

“TheaterWorks outperforms Broadway with stellar American Son”The Journal Inquirer

Winner of the prestigious Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award, American Son opened the 2018-19 Broadway season with a jolt of electricity. This explosive drama examines our nation’s racial divide through the eyes of an estranged, interracial couple who rush to the police station when their son’s car has been pulled over. Over the course of an evening, the couple’s disparate backgrounds collide in this gripping tale about who we are as a nation.


Ami Brabson

Kendra Ellis-Connor

Tony Crane

Scott Connor

John Ford-Dunker

Officer Paul Larkin

Michael Genet

Lieutenant John Stokes

Christopher Demos-Brown


Rob Ruggiero


Brian Prather

Set Design

Herin Kaputkin

Costume Designer

Matthew Richards

Lighting Designer

Frederick Kennedy

Sound Design

Michael Rossmy

Fight Choreographer

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