In 1902, Albert and Mileva Einstein had a daughter. After 1904, the child was never seen or spoken of again.It is now 1942, and a reporter has come to interview Einstein about his mysterious family history, only to discover far more secrets under the surface. As the reporter questions Einstein about his theory of relativity and personal past, she develops a new, more pressing query: To be a great man, does one first need to be a good man?

“An Entertaining Balance Of Comedy, Tragedy” (The Hartford Courant)

Cast & Creatives


Mark St. Germain


Rob Ruggiero


Richard Dreyfuss


Christa Scott-Reed


Lori Wilner

Set Designer

Brian Prather

Costume Designer

Alejo Vietti

Lighting Designer

Philip Rosenberg

Sound Designer

Michael Miceli

Sound Designer

Lucas Clopton

Wig Designer

Leah Loukas

Dialect Coach

Bob Davis

Production Stage Manager

Kate J. Cudworth

Production Manager

Bridget Sullivan