Jane is a promising poet without a muse, a single mother with no wise lessons to pass along; her dating life is a shambles, and helpful friends are only helping make things worse! Jane is not exactly OK with THIS! Melissa James Gibson’s THIS is a bright, witty comedy that captures the uncertain steps of Jane and her friends as they stumble into middle age.

“Ms. Gibson graduates into the theatrical big leagues with this beautifully conceived, confidently executed and wholly accessible work…Its confused but lovable characters are drawn with a fine focus and a piercing emotional depth; the dialogue sparkles with exchanges as truthful as they are clever; and…the play's delicate pace, richly patterned wordplay and undercurrent of rue combine to cast a moving spell that lingers in the memory, like a sad-sweet pop song whose chorus you can’t shake. ” (—NY Times.)

Cast & Creatives


Melissa James Gibson


Amy Saltz


Clark Carmichael


Maxime de Toledo


Andrew Rein


Tijuana T. Ricks


Beth Wittig

Set Designer

Luke Hegel-Cantarella

Costume Designer

Harry Nadal

Lighting Designer

Marcus Doshi

Sound Designer

J Hagenbuckle