We will return in February.

Last Wednesday there was a literal assault on our democracy.
On Thursday we were just gonna let it go. Business as usual.

We logged into Zoom, built sets, paid bills, planned opening night parties and debated eblast subject lines. We put our heads down and did our work because that’s what we’ve always done. We ignored our buzzing phones and tired minds.

And now we need to figure out why.

During the rest of January we’re going to dig into our response, push our season schedule ahead a month, and then return in February with James Anthony Tyler’s brilliant new play — TALKIN’ TO THIS CHICK SIPPIN’ MAGIC POTION.

We need to step back and give this moment the breath it deserves. We need to look inward at our TWH family, and ask ourselves the hard questions that we’ve been too preoccupied to ask. We’ve gotten so good at work that we’ve forgotten why we even do it in the first place. Maybe you’re like us… maybe this feels familiar.

So we pause. This is a necessary reminder that we need to take time to make time to do the real work. The anti-racism training that we began last June.

We need to change. And change starts within. Things can’t go on like business as usual.