Every plain woman who looks into a mirror yearns to see a pretty woman. For all her fabulous clothes and flamboyant style, Peggy Guggenheim was not pretty. But the American heiress so worshiped beauty that she took up residence in the most beautiful city in the world and greedily collected the most beautiful people and artworks of her time. She’s still plain Peggy in this adoring portrait by Lanie Robertson. But with Mercedes Ruehl blazing away like a Roman candle in Casey Childs’ stylish production, the show does for Guggenheim what a cruel looking glass never could: It reflects her inner beauty. Soul bared and heart afire, she’s not just pretty, this gawky goose –she’s gorgeous.

Cast & Creatives


Steve Campo

Associate Artistic Director

Rob Ruggiero


Lanie Robertson


Glynis Bell

Set Design

Jeff Cowie

Costume Design

Alejo Vietti

Costume Design

Elizabeth Flauto

Lighting Design

Matthew Richards

Sound Design

J. Hagenbuckle

Production Manager

Michael Lenaghan

Production Stage Manager

Sharon Lynn Miner