What begins as a period drama about a man who woos and weds plain young women with a little money stashed away becomes a taut thriller with a startling climax. After persuading his brides to transfer their savings to his account, the irredeemable George takes them to a cheap boarding house and treats them to one night of wedded bliss before he disappears. His latest victim is a homely awkward milliner’s assistant. All goes as planned until the wedding night, when his new wife reveals that she has her own shrewd agenda.

“There’s something about period melodrama that puts an audience in a forgiving spirit. We want to be enthralled, shocked and amused by lurid goings-on — even though we know in our hearts we are not seeing great writing. Call it a “guilty pleasure,” even when there are flaws, it’s hard not to like — at least a little.” (The Hartford Courant)

Cast & Creatives


Karoline Leach


Joe Brancato


Mark Shanahan


Andrea Maulella

Set Designer

Michael Schweikardt

Costume Designer

Thomas Charles Legalley

Original Costume Design by

Alejo Vietti

Lighting Designer

Marty Vreeland

Sound Designer

Johnna Doty

Props Master

Sven Nelson