Dora Hand lives by herself in a suburb on the Nebraska prairie. She’s gone through three husbands and now seems destined to play the lonely mistress to her married milkman, Kevin—until a swan crashes into her living room window and sets Dora on a harrowing journey. She names him Bill, and to all outward appearances, Bill is a charismatic and child-like man. At first endearing himself to Dora like a pet she can train, Bill quickly learns the ropes of being human: speech, dressing, checkers, beer…and love for his mistress. All at once, Dora finds herself dangerously entangled with the swan, whose animal devotion to her threatens her already neglected lover and ultimately her sense of self.

“An absorbing 100-minute riff…when you wish upon a star, Ms Egloff's play suggests, the answer to your dreams might just come crashing into your life in a form that's very hard to recognize.” (NY Times.)

Cast & Creatives


Rob Ruggiero


Elizabeth Egloff


Constance Shulman


Christopher Mixon


David Phillips

Set Designer

Rorie Fitzsimons

Lighting Design

John Lasiter

Costume Designer

David Brooks

Stage Manager

Lisa Farrand

Asst. Stage Manager

Kevin Smolich

Tech. Associate

Ken Serpliss