The Sty of the Blind Pig

The place is Chicago’s south side and the time the 1950s, just before the civil rights movement began to burgeon. Alberta, unmarried and in her thirties, shares an apartment with her mother, Weedy, an old-fashioned black woman who finds solace for her troubles in religion. Their constant visitor is Uncle Do, a sporty, down-on-his-luck gambling man who is the despair of his strait-laced sister, Weedy. Then, unexpectedly, a wandering street singer, Blind Jordan, comes to their door, searching for a woman he once knew. The others are puzzled and even frightened by their visitor, but Alberta offers to help him in his quest, and when they are alone, all the emotional and sexual frustration struggling within her bursts forth in a scene of tremendous eloquence and power. Out of the unsettling nature of their encounter comes estrangement between mother and daughter, which subsides to an uneasy truce when Blind Jordan departs, leaving behind a disturbing awareness of much that has been lost or changed, and of much greater change still to come.

“ "...a solid, poignant production that feels like a tableau vivant of saddened people left behind."” (New York Times)

Cast & Creatives


Philip Hayes Dean


Tazewell Thompson


Krystel Lucas

Blind Jordan

Eden Marryshow


Jonathan Earl Peck


Brenda Thomas

Set Designer

Donald Eastman

Costume Designer

Harry Nadal

Lighting Designer

Scott Bolman

Sound Designer

J Hagenbuckle