The MotherF****r With The Hat

Struggles with addiction, friendship, love and the challenges of adulthood are at the center of the story. Jackie, a petty dealer is just out of prison and trying to stay clean. He’s also still in love with his coke-addicted childhood sweetheart, Veronica. Ralph D. is Jackie’s too smooth, slightly slippery sponsor married to the bitter, disaffected Victoria who, by the way, has the hots for Jackie! And then there’s Julio, Jackie’s cousin… a stand-up, ‘stand by me’ kind of guy.

“The performances are strong enough to move the tragicomic plot along at a steady clip and put across much of the play’s wit and most of its heart.” (New York Times)

Cast & Creatives


Stephen Adly Guirgis


Tazewell Thompson


Clea Alsip


Varin Ayala


Ben Cole


Royce Johnson


Vanessa Wasche

Set Designer

Donald Eastman

Costume Designer

Harry Nadal

Lighting Designer

Philip Rosenberg

Sound Designer

Fabian Obispo