Three-time Pulitzer  Prize-winner Edward Albee’s most provocative, daring, and controversial play since Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?, The Goat won every major New York award, including the Tony. In the play, Martin-a hugely successful architect who has just turned fifty-leads an ostensibly ideal life with his loving wife and teenage son. But when he confides to his best friend that he is also in love with a goat named Sylvia, he sets in motion events that will test the limits of tolerance and forgiveness.

“ "Edward Albee’s set-up might be simple, but it’s perfectly positioned – silly and shocking and, at its best, achingly sad." - Variety ” ()

Cast & Creatives

Executive Director

Steve Campo


Rob Ruggiero


Edward Albee


Leslie Denniston


Malachy Cleary


Kevin Hogan


Zack Griffiths

Set Design

Adrian W. Jones

Lighting Design

John Lasiter

Costume Design

Katherine Hampton Noland

Sound Design

J. Hagenbuckle

Production Manager

John Sadler

Production Stage Manager

James Williams Cox


Elissa Myers