Winston, a young painter, shares an East Village apartment with Jamie, the son of a prominent art dealer. The death of Jamie’s father, who has disinherited him, sets him spinning into the depths of despair. It seems that neither Winston nor Jamie’s girlfriend, Amelia, can do anything to help him. But then Jamie has a brilliant idea. On his way home from the reading of the will Jamie ran into Tess, one of his father’s richest, most important collectors. Jamie lied to Tess, telling her that his father left him one in a series of the rarest of all of Credeaux’s canvases and that she must buy it. Convinced that they will all three be set, Jamie talks Winston (who is studying Credeaux) into inventing this painting with Amelia as the model. The relationships between the three begin to shift as their needs and desires become more evident. Once the painting is completed, and Tess enters their lives, everything comes out in the open, and no one escapes unscathed—the damage is tragically done.

“THE Credeaux Canvas is the third recent play about painters…it turned out to be the best of the lot, better even than most plays about non-painters.” (NY Magazine)

Cast & Creatives

Artistic Director

Steve Campo


Rob Ruggiero


Ivy Vahanian


Gene Farber


Michael Zlabinger


Johanna Morrison

Set Design

Jeff Cowie

Lighting Design

Jeff Croiter

Costume Design

Laurie Churba

Sound Design

Marty Fegy

Fight Director

Mathew Greene

Production Manager/Technical Director

Sean J. Sullivan

Production Stage Manager

Hillary J. Hart-Hook

Assistant Stage Manager

Carrie Anne Caputo


Elissa Myers