Darren Lemming, star center fielder of the world champion New York Empires, is young, rich, famous and so convinced of his popularity that when he casually announces that he is gay, he assumes the news will be readily accepted. It isn’t. Friends, fans and teammates react with ambivalence. And when the slipping Empires call up the young phenom, Shane Mungitt, to close their games, the ambivalence turns nasty. Angry and confused, Darren finds unlikely solace in friendship with his new business manager, Mason Marzac- a brilliant but repressed guy, who, in the midst  of the turbulent events swirling around him, blooms in the ecstatic discovery of baseball.

“A heady, heartfelt and enormously appealing romance…Perhaps never in my theatergoing experience have I experienced such an overwhelming—and spontaneous—surge of affection sent across the footlights.” (—Variety.)

Cast & Creatives


Richard Greenberg