Brad’s Wife is a newlywed who’s just moved to Nashville. She’s just met Dana Sue Kaye in church. Dana Sue, a native of Nashville, takes to Brad’s Wife like a pimp to a girl fresh off the bus, swooping down on her and initiating a friendship. The two spend lots of time together and have much more in common than we think. Brad’s Wife is a sweet aspiring singer whose husband has always been supportive. She has a few issues with her situation, but Brad is the one for her, despite his flaky, crusty, Christmas cookie-like skin. Dana Sue is married to Alex, the catch of the town. Alex makes love like a god and even calls to read Dana Sue the sexy parts of the Bible. She appears to be at the top of her game: “I am not God, I’m part God. My hair feels holy.” But over time Alex becomes cruel and abusive, and Dana Sue begins to see the merits of a nice stump of a man like Brad—a man with no arms, legs, or eyes, just complimentary words.

Cast & Creatives


Rob Ruggiero


Peter Hedges