In Doubt, Sister Aloysius, the principal of St. Nicholas school, interrogates one of her teachers, Sister James, about a priest’s relationship with the only African-American student enrolled at the school. Acting on her deep-seated suspicions, Sister Aloysius is determined to challenge Father Flynn and his questionable behavior. What ensues is a bristling confrontation between the tough-as-nails nun and the priest who feels that the Sister has over-stepped her authority.


“The 90-minute thrill ride...leaves the audience exhilarated” (New York Times)

Cast & Creatives


John Patrick Shanley


Steve Campo

Sister Aloysius

Glynis Bell

Sister James

Letitia Lange

Father Flynn

Mark Saturno

Mrs. Muller

Cherene Snow

Set Designer

Adrian W. Jones

Costume Designer

Elizabeth Flaut

Light Designer

Matthew Richards

Sound Designer

J. Hagenbuckle