Dead Man’s Cell Phone

In Dead Man’s Cell Phone, a woman in a café discovers that the man with the ringing cell phone next to her has “entered a dead zone.” When Jean answers his phone, she gets swept into the complicated family and professional life of the late owner. Reveling in the intrigue, she opens a Pandora’s Box of fantastic flights and turns in this magical comedy.

“A beguiling new comedy. Sarah Ruhl blends the mundane and the metaphysical, the blunt and the obscure, the patently bizarre and the bizarrely moving. Her surrealist fantasies are made meaningful – made truthful – by the deeper logic of human feeling.” (New York Times)

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Cast & Creatives


Sarah Ruhl


Rob Ruggiero


Lee Heinz


Anne-Lynn Kettles


Joey Parsons


Mark Shanhan


Finnerty Steeves


Craig Wroe

Set Designer

Michael Schweikardt

Costume Designer

Katherine Hampton Noland

Lighting Designer

John Lasiter

Sound Designer

J Hagenbuckle