On a fantastically rainy night in Los Angeles, Anibal de la Luna picks up and brings home with him a beautiful but bedraggled woman hitchhiker who calls herself Celestina del Sol. She is indeed a rare and heavenly creature, a mystic wanderer with no sense of time and infinite capacity to love. Alone in his little house, sealed off from the decaying city outside, de la Luna and del Sol come together, joining their bodies and their dreams.

“Yet neither work sinks into depression, because humor and vitality brighten the gloom. And “Tectonics,” in the end, proves sweet and touching, a mystical love story for the millennium.” (Variety)

Cast & Creatives


Jose Rivera


Rob Ruggiero


Delilah Cotto


Chris Vasquez


Joseph D. Martinez

Set Designer

Michael Schweikardt

Scenic Artists

Dana Bugl and John Dussault

Lighting Designer

John Lasiter

Costume Designer

Margaret Carbonneau

Sound Design

Marty Fegy

Technical Director

David Durbin

Stage Manager

Peter Durgin