In “Broke-ology”, the King family has weathered life’s hardships, surviving with their love for each other intact. William King lives in the house in which his two sons grew up. He’s alone, but maintains his allegiance with their mother in his own way. When the brothers are called home to take care of him, they find themselves strangely at odds.

“Thematically rich, structurally deft, and emotionally complex... “Broke-ology” is a play not just about two young men, but about the family they grew up in, and Nathan Louis Jackson's beautifully crafted shifts between past and present, between the future that family dreamed and the real future that followed instead, enrich and enlarge our sense not just of this family, but of our own families, our own cultures, and our lives.” (Boston Globe)

Cast & Creatives


Nathan Louis Jackson


Tazewell Thompson


Gina Daniels


Frank Faucette


Royce Johnson


David Pegram

Set Designer

Luke Hegel-Cantarella

Costume Designer

Harry Nadal

Lighting Designer

Greg Goff

Sound Designer

Fabian Obispo