Donny, the owner of a small-time pawnshop, and Bobby, his drug-addicted sidekick and gofer, are planning a burglary. Bobby has already messed up the stake-out, and Donny tries to teach him about good business, but Donny loves Bobby and wants to take care of him, so he’s not too angry. When another friend, Teach, comes in and hears them talking about the burglary, he wants in, but he wants Bobby out. This sets off a conflagration of mistrust among the three men, which may or may not involve double-dealing and lies. Their friendships are tested against the background of doing business.  American Buffalo is Mamet’s first major play and still one of his most produced.

“Mamet is an actor's playwright. He senses the possibilities inarticulateness affords a savvy actor.” (Women's Wear Daily)

Cast & Creatives


Steve Campo


David Mamet