2020-2021 Season

September 27 — October 10 (2020)

At The River I Stand

Inspired by the events that transpired during the infamous Sanitation Worker’s Strike of 1968, AT THE RIVER I STAND follows an eclectic group of Negro musicians who travel to Memphis to produce a benefit concert in support of local workers in the throes of a racially charged labor dispute.

October 20 — November 2 (2020)

Russian Troll Farm: A Workplace Comedy

In this developing work, the audience peers into the imagined office setting of a Russian troll farm and sees its impact over the world wide web during the months leading up to the 2016 U.S. election.

November 15 — 28 (2020)

The Who & The What

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Ayad Akhtar, comes a thrillingly fierce yet tender new play about identity, religion and the contradictions that make us who we are.

December 1 — 31 (2020)

Christmas On The Rocks

Connecticut's twisted holiday tradition returns! Your favorite kids from Christmas stories—all grown up, shaken, stirred and served with a twist.

February 7 — 26 (2021)

Talkin’ To This Chick Sippin’ Magic Potion

Talkin’ to This Chick Sippin’ Magic Potion explores love, resentment and the journey to becoming the best version of oneself.  

March 1 — 14

School Girls: Or, The African Mean Girls Play

The Miss Global Universe pageant sets the scene for this buoyant and biting comedy that explores the universal similarities (and glaring differences) facing teenage girls across the globe. The TheaterSquared Production.

March 7— 26 (2021)

Mr. Parent

Based on the real-life adventures of favorite Boston actor Maurice Parent, Mr. Parent asks, "What does it mean to show up for our kids — and ourselves?"

April 11 — May 9

The Sound Inside

Brimming with suspense, Rapp’s riveting play explores the limits of what one person can ask of another.

June 6 — 25


Something's not quite right in the overworked offices of Social Services: the boss is hearing things, the referral officer is advocating for a murderer, long-time colleagues are at each other’s throats, and Nueva, the new recruit, is a casualty of the agency's biggest failure. Nueva’s mission to improve a system that has lost its human touch unearths information that threatens an important new relationship and forces her to confront the cost of forgiveness. MOONLIGHTERS is a futuristic, workplace story centering a female friendship, full of cariño.

August 15 — 31


After returning from a year-long Moon mission, Cassie, a NASA botanist, finds herself in a remote cabin in the woods, where her estranged twin sister, Stella, a former NASA architect, has found a new life with climate activist Bryan. Old wounds resurface as the sisters attempt to pick up the pieces of the rivalry that broke them apart.

Lizard Boy: A New Musical

Lizard Boy is equal parts comic book lore, coming-of-age love story and irrepressible tunes — the American musical is alive and as vibrant, fearless, and joyous as ever in this indie folk rock musical. A filmed [live] to stream production.

September 10 — 29


Newly divorced and sheltering at home with her two children, Ezra Sampson-Burks hasn’t been touched by another adult in eight months. When she’s introduced to Irie Witter-Pryce, a charismatic fellow single parent, at a virtual PTA meeting, their immediate attraction causes Ezra to reconsider the limits of her Covid-bubble.